Zines in progress – A Copyroboter Workshop

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013
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Copyroboter is the stencil-print workshop (2 Risographs & 1 Ricoh) in the Kotti-Shop.
Another Stencil-Print Zine-Making Workshop will take place on Saturday 19th. This workshop will introduce you to basic stencil printing and zine production.

Each participant will produce their own edition of an A5 16 page (or smaller) zine.
This workshop focuses on the production of the zine. It will be useful to have prepared the content of your book in advance - unless you want to go freestyle.

When: 12-18:00 approx on Samstag 19. Januar 2013, Where: Kotti-Shop
Registration is required: at copyroboter@kotti-shop.net, Costs: 40€ (incl. all materials), Max. participants: 5, Workshops so far have been mostly in English, but can be in German too ...