Schätzchen # 8 - AUCH AUS ISRAEL

Von Judith Drews 20. Dezember 2009 Kommentare 6

Auch das Schätzchen No.8 haben wir aus dem bereits erwähnten kleinen Antiquariat aus Jerusalem mitgebracht!

Dieses Hardcover Bilderbuch hat inklusive Vorsatz lediglich 14 Innenseiten

, wobei der Vorsatz bereits Teil der Geschichte ist.
Das Format beträgt 23,5 cm x 16,5 cm. Gedruckt wurde in jeweils 3 Sonderfarben, wobei rot und schwarz durchgehend verwendet wurden. Auf der Bogenvorderseite wurde zusätzlich oliv und auf der Bogenrückseite lila gedruckt.

Zu dem Inhalt kann ich kaum etwas sagen, und hoffe daher auf einen Kommentar der lieben Rachelly aus Tel Aviv!

so here i come to the

so here i come to the resceu!
judith my dearest! You chose some amazing stuff!
this book shows the militant side of Israel
(and it is quite a side!)
The name of the book is:
"dad is in the army, a soldier!"
In the first spread he is telling the kindergarten teacher that his father is in the army, but maybe today he will come back. And guess what? In the next spread "the evening comes, Eyal is sad, daddy, when will you come back?, and Eyal say: maybe he will not come back to me today"
: (
personally, I find it very sad (you can .. why imgine following to what we talk about in Jerusalem)
and the only thing I want to know now is that the father did come back home!
(did he?)

Just for you!

Rachelly ... You'll find the last spread of the book above now! Thank you so much for the great rescue;–)
See you soon - somewhere.

one more thing

Rachelly ... there is no little hint in the whole book, that it could have something to do with soldiers or the militant side of israel at all! I just want to mention it ...

thank god!! I was worried all

thank god!!
I was worried all night!!
just kidding...
well Judith, it is very interesting..
you can't really know it's about the army without the text,
but it is all the book is about.
I think it is because of the contrast between the army with all that comes with it and the normal life he leaves behind him.
absurd. just like we talk about... :)

and another thing...

the collor of the cover and the father's shirt is the collor of the Israely army uniforms


oh yes - I should have recognized it...
Thank you so much for your help, dear Rachelly!