Schätzchen # 7 - AUS ISRAEL!

Von Judith Drews 14. Dezember 2009 Kommentare 3

Wie könnte es anders sein - das Schätzchen No.7 kommt natürlich aus Israel - wir haben es aus einem kleinen Antiquariat aus Jerusalem mitgebracht!

Dieses Tierbuch ist von 1966, printed in Israel, Tel Aviv bei "Yavneh".(20 cm x 26,5 cm)

Es ist wundervoll gedruckt und zu dem Inhalt kann ich leider nichts sagen, aber vielleicht später ...

this is great judith! the

this is great judith!
the book is from from the time that Israel was only a teenager, 18 years old.
The name of the book is: "you're beautiful, our country"
you can see that the illustrations are quite informative, in a nature like the big words and the book describes them ( "a pelican," a narcissus "," a camel "-well it is Israel, after all ..)
about the text, it seems those are tales telling stories about how plants (and probebly animals as well) got to israel and filled the wildness that been there before.
that's very classic to the childrens books that day, and very nice to see it today.

WOW - that was fast!

... thank you so much and hope to see you soon, Rachelly!

Sehr schön...

...auch der Kommentar!