»Reskate« Bemalte Boards in Berlin

Von Raban Ruddigkeit 29. April 2011 Kommentare 0

Nur noch bis morgen (!) zeigt die kleine Pantocrator Galerie in Mitte (!) eine kleine Show, für die Spanische Zeichner alten Skateboards ein zweites Leben geschenkt haben. Neben den Originalen finden sich Texte und Skizzen zum besseren Verstehen.

»Reskate! is a project by the versatile group called Nube. It is born with the intention of rescuing that skateboard you abandoned where you left your teens behind, that didn't resist your last trick or it's just rotting in your balcony. Reskate is an idea both simple and romantic that seeks restoring your old skateboard into a brand new mini long. Again. With such purpose, Nube staff recollect abandoned boards which once reshaped are delivered to either acclaimed or novel illustrators. They reuse them as the legitimate support of artistic expression they always were. This way, we get a limited and unrepeatable edition. If it makes you go skating again, you'll make its creators happy. The results is so exciting that it's worth it giving the skateboard a second chance. Relive it.«

Mit Arbeiten von Cristian G. Castellón, Pau Bonet, Nil Bartolozzi, Maria López, Anna Rubio, Mademoiselle Chloé, Aida González Subirà, Mercedes Valgañón, Kikayis, Cristian Blanxer, Diego Muñoz, Ernest Rupérez, Guibo, Adrià De Yzaguirre, Glem, Amaia Arrazola, Berto Martínez, Nube, Monsieur Álvaro Pinacho, Manifesto79, Dourone, Jalón, Crajes, Hector Olivares, ConspiracyStudio, Máximo Tuja, Ibie, Maria Diamantes, Conrad Roset, Hamo Studio und Ina Fiebig.

www.pantocratorgallery.com www.reskateboarding.com