»Nouveau Art Nouveau« Tape Modern No.21

Freitag, 15. April 2011
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Nouveau Art Nouveau presents artworks by 20 artists that re-contextualize classical staples of Art Nouveau, the international aesthetic movement at the turn of the 20th century that sought to merge art and everyday life.

Stylized organic and curvlinear forms, symmetrical design, figurative representation and craftmanship are all basic tenements of Art Nouveau style, evident in the undulating patterns, decorative ornament and graphic illustration that defined the era. Textiles and furniture, fashion and architecture were all encompassed by the movement. Above all else, beauty and a "return to nature" were the two prevailing themes around which the Art Nouveau philosophy took shape. The artists presented in Nouveau Art Nouveau each appropriate degrees of the aesthetic in a range of media--from traditional forms of painting to more modern, digital processes--while still alluding to the original movement, its permutations and its influence as it emerged in Paris (as Art Nouveau), Germany (as Jugendstil), the UK (as the Arts and Crafts Movement) and beyond. Curated by Emilie Trice

With Sarah Anton, Nicky Broekhuysen, DAG, Amie Dicke, Frank Eickhoff, Peter Freitag, Marc Fromm, James Gortner, GOULD, Elizabeth Hepworth, Wiley Hoard, Oliver Kroll, Hiroshi McDonald Mori, Tim Meehan, Yudi Noor, Jeong Ryu, Polina Soloveichik, Paul Szuszinski, Anne von Freyburg and Mara Wagenführ

Address: Heidestrasse 14, 10557 Berlin

Opening on Friday, 15th of April 7pm-2am, After party starting 11p, 21:30 Performance:
TRYSTETTE + BOBBIE RAE, After party: DJ sets by Marc Fm, Dor Levi and Dr. J, Free entry all night!

Tape Modern is organized by Amir Fattal and The Prop House, In cooperation with Heidestrasse openings.