»My fire is your water« Roland Brückner in der West Berlin Gallery in Ost-Berlin

Von Raban Ruddigkeit 19. April 2010 Kommentare 0

Neue Bilder und 50 Skizzenbücher zeigt der in München geborene Roland Brückner ab Mittwoch in der Westberlin Gallery. Man kennt ihn als Illustrator für Magazine und Zeitschruften, aber vor allem durch seine Street-Art-Serie »Lindas Ex«.

Claudia Walde schrieb in »Sticker City«: Roland Brückner was born in Munich in 1983. He enjoyed a healthy and active childhood near the mountains. At seven years old, he accidently killed a cat; a terrible headache and fever followed. As a teenager, he got into skateboarding. After breaking a leg and as a result of being stuck indoors, he started drawing... and hasn't stopped since. In 2003, he moved to Berlin and became an art student at the Universität der Künste Berlin, but did not complete his degree. His street-art project "Lindas Ex" ruined his day-night cycle, but the campaign made it as an exhibition at the Berlin Museum für Kommunikation. Quite an achievement!

Roland is now pretty grown up and works as an illustrator. He likes his job and greatly enjoys his life and family. »Some works have such great mass appeal that they inspire the public to spring into action and participate. This happended in 2003/4 when Lindas Ex plastered stickers and posters around Berlin, pleading with his lover to come back to him. [...] On countless posters Lindas Ex asked other artists for their help in looking for Linda. They reacted in turn by placing response posters next to his.« »If in 2004 the city of Berlin had awarded a prize to its most lovelorn citizen, Lindas Ex would have won it.«

Eröffnung am 22. April, 19 Uhr in der West Berlin Gallery, Brunnenstraße 56 in Berlin. Bis zum 22. Mai.