»K.O. is O.K.« Danny Gretscher bei Lettersaremybestfriends, Berlin

Freitag, 1. November 2013
Von Raban Ruddigkeit 31. Oktober 2013 Kommentare 0

Similar to the Ones and Zeros - breaking it down or pumping it up-, let's find some satisfaction with Ks & Os! On 1st november, we invite you to K.O. is O.K. - a long awaited early evening event to celebrate the fantastic paintings by our friend Danny Gretscher and If you have not seen his amazing art yet, you should definitely drop by and get inspired!

As usual, we gonna have some Letters Are My Friends's specific toppings out of the O.K. -Sectors music, food, drinks and of course typographic pleasuring! Be surprised! Our new Letterfriend Kira Kana will be serving up Chicken and Vegetarian Japanese Curry (with rice) courtesy of Kaizoku! Also we gonna have a new windowfront for that occasion calligraphied by Mister Pencil itself, Drury Brennan. Exciting! Check his work here: http://drurybrennan.com/ Ahhhh yes, and bring your best Ks & Os and hundreds of Dot's! Come hungry and early! This event will start at 6pm and end around 11pm.