»Imagine« Ein John Lennon Portrait aus tausenden von Papierkranichen

Von Raban Ruddigkeit 11. März 2012 Kommentare 0

»We, the 8th grade class at Takaono Middle School, went to Nagasaki for our graduation trip and learned the horrors of nuclear weapons and war, and have thought a lot about how important peace is.

We decided to make this installation to express our deepest wish that we may create a world where all people can live in peace and feel secure.

John Lennon was an activist for peace and human rights, and was able to communicate his message through music. We have blown a prayer for peace into each of the 10,000+ cranes we folded to create his image. We pledge to continue deepening our appreciation of life, human rights and peace, and hope that, like the cranes that return to Izumi every year, our aspirations for peace may travel accross oceans to the far reaches of the world.«