»The Illustrator as a Showcase« Ludwig Haslberger in Schweden

Nach einem Diplom in Kommunikationsdesign an der FH Augsburg und einer Anstellung als Grafiker in München macht Ludwig Haslberger derzeit seinen Master an der Konstfack in Stockholm. Und stellt genau dort gerade eine überdimensionale Arbeit aus.

Er selbst schreibt »For me, as an illustrator, the ShowKonstfack Gallery is attractive because of its big wall which is exposed to the street. I find it very obvious to use the wall itself to present my way of working. Thus, I have done a wall painting which displays the working process of an illustrator. Rather than doing conceptual work or sketches in advance I wanted to start working on the wall right away. The wall is my sketch book, my brainstorm, my layout, my result. The traces of the design process are visible: thoughts, mistakes, alternatives etc. People passing by are able to see this process. They don’t see a clean result without knowing where it comes from. Rather than that they get the »whole picture«.

ShowKonstfack Gallerian, Regeringsgatan 19, Stockholm, Schweden.

www.haslberger.info www.konstfack.se