The Hundred Ways That I See Myself« Gustavo Ortiz in der Pure Evil Gallery in London

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014
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»The Hundred Ways That I See Myself is an autobiographical body of work where I portrait myself as a quiet anonymous character, a process of self study trying to figure out what this character is all about.” sagt der Künstler Gustavo Ortiz selbst.

»We can find in his paintings the sacred symbols of the Middle Ages, Russian Icon Paintings and the simple truth of naive art and South American legends. Gustavo plays with modern techniques of collage and bright cheerful colours who come from the culture of his native land, Argentina to express a just and raw vision of himself.« sagt die Galerie.

Am Donnerstag ist Eröffnung. Die Ausstellung läuft bis zum 4. Mai.