»Forgotten People« Gustavo Ortiz in London

Von Raban Ruddigkeit 08. September 2011 Kommentare 0

"Following the exploration of the wonder and enchantment of human experience of my previous work, the exhibition turns to the more melancholy side of the human experience characterized by the anonymity and invisibility of much of humanity.

The forgotten people whose hand in shaping collective culture leaves no palpable trace of their own. Through these forgotten people our common humanity is formed, and our own psychological evolution is secured. In a series a self portraits, I explore how these anonymous and invisible people constitute my own sense of self, and contemplate the ways in which we are all forgettable."

'Forgotten People' a new solo Gustavo Ortiz show opens this week. It is the second exhibition of his work at the Pure Evil Gallery.

Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard st, London EC2A 4XS, Gallery Hours: 10am - 6pm daily or by appointment