Draw live with Pictoplasma and Sound Creatures models.

Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013
Von Raban Ruddigkeit 10. Oktober 2013 Kommentare 0

Pictoplasma and Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin invite you to a special live-drawing session of the Sound Creatures: with unheard acoustic life-forms posing as your private models on this saturday evening.

In this legendary project, composer and sound designer David Kamp plays back short snippets and loops of audio depicting fantastical creations – asking you to come up with the visual essence of the sound as a character in a series of rapid fire drawing rounds. Bring your pens and sketchbooks and join Miss LaLa Vox and the international 40 attendees of the Pictoplasma Academy for an evening of sonic bliss and inspiration.

Sorry, no nudes – but: 90 minutes of raw sound and sonic strangeness to trigger your imagination, followed by a audio-visual live performance by Simone aka RoyGbiV from the PLATOON Culture Squad network that bring your creations to the big screen.