»Curated by« Timeless erscheint in der Edition ReSurgo Berlin

Diese Ausgabe wurde von Xavier Laradji, Herausgeber des Timelesszines kuratiert und enthält die Arbeiten von 5 intl. Künstlern. Komplett im Siebdruck entstanden und auf 125 Stk. limitiert handelt es sich um ein Buch-zum-an-die-Wand-hängen.

Best is a pioneer of power electronics, who formed the band Consumer Electronics in 1982 and joined Whitehouse in 1983. Trevor Brown is an English cult artist living in Japan whose work explores paraphilias. JG Thirlwell is solely responsible for the musical output of the australian band Foetus. Gea is a self taught artist & UFOlogist. She is born in Chile and resides in NYC. As for Sarah Froelich, she is a "scenester art student dilettante with a hatred of cloths and love of heavy metal", as well as bandmember of a pretty wicked band named Consumer Electronics.

2-3 colours silkscreen, 22,5 x 16 cm, 16 pages + cover, edition of 125 ex, numbered.
Price: 14 € - Free shipping in Europe. Only 7 copies available!