»The Creamy Two's« Joakim Ojanen und Hanna Andersson im »Le Petit Mignon«

Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

The Creamy Two's consist of Stockholm (Sweden) based artist Joakim Ojanen and Hanna Andersson. They mostly does solo projects but ones in a while they smack there heads togheter under the same roof.

Both Hanna and Joakim are working with in the screen print and zine scene. Together they have arrange a silk screen zine workshop at gallery Hang ups in Stockholm and released a fanzine called »The Creamy Two's« for mentioning a couple of collaborations.

Hanna Andersson just graduated from Beckmans College of design as a graphic designer. Hannas degree work consisted of one giant totem pole painted in florecent colour togheter with a zine that tells us the story of it.

Joakim Ojanen is currently studying Illustration and Graphic design at Konstfack in Stockholm. Late last year he released a zine called Street Smart and just recently he released a dubble zine called Limo Zine Plus One. Earlier this year Joakim have had two exhibitions, one solo show in Gothenburg at Gallery Nya Skolan and one in Stockholm at
Tensta Konsthall.

Opening: July 23rd at 19.00 feat. instore gigs by Gilles Aubry (www.soundimplant.com/gilaubry), Fredrik Olofsson (www.fredrikolofsson.com) and Rubén Patiño (www.patooo.net). duration: July 23rd - August 17th, Tu - Sa 14.00 -19.00, Le Petit Mignon (Staalplaat store), Flughafenstr. 38, 12053 Berlin Neukölln

www.hannaandersson.se www.joakimojanen.com www.lepetitmignon.de