»Alien Dressed Fresh to Death«

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Neulich erreichte uns diese E-Mail: »I'm from a rural area of The United States.  I live near a rodeo called Cowtown (it's real).  I'm surrounded by horses, farms, and of course cow shit.

I used to live in LA when I went to college at Art Center College of Design.  I got very tired of city life and returned to the east coast for the peace and quiet, as well as the changing seasons.  I don't come from an artistic family. Mostly engineers, accountants, stock brokers, school teachers, and stay-at-home cool people.  I used to work for a newspaper in Pasadena doing illustrations for an extremely depressing advice column.  It's still a little embarrassing to google myself and see those gloomy illustrations.  It's a stark contrast to the happy, fun colors I use today. I've been working my butt off to make it seem like that's a different person that also happens to have a superhero name.  At least that's what I tell myself.«

es wäre ja auch mal lustig

es wäre ja auch mal lustig den Namen zu erwähnen.